Hey, what's up?

You can find me on the internet at theflawlesshack
You can get in contact with me at jessica@theflawlesshack.com
I live in terminal and love creating experiences centered around AR/VR and Mobile.

I make youtube videos, check them out, learn and share.

I have worked at Clarifai, Pitney Bowes, Lyft, This Also, and a few startups.

I previously served as Vice President of NYU’s Women In Computing Club, an Entrepreneurial Intern at NYU’s Entrepreneurial Institute, Career Ambassador at NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development, and a STEM Instructor(Arduino/C++) and Program Lead at NYU’s K12 Department of STEM Education.

Something brought you here, and that’s dope AF.

Here’s my resume, check out some projects and reach out, let’s chat!!

Gave a talk:
- [AUG 2017] Women Who Code NYC: AI Terminologies, WTF??

Some projects:

  1. Scribbles: Drawing in Augmented Reality - [app store]

  2. Junction: The new age business card - [website] [app store]

  3. Paw: Rock, Paper, Scissors iOS app - [website] [code]

  4. Yak: A slack clone - [website] [code]

  5. Catalog: Gamifying cataloging - [website]

  6. Humbee: Pokemon Go for Twitter - [website]

  7. yHealth: AR Healthcare options - [website]

  8. Another One: DJ Khaled Quote Generator Keyboard - [website]

  9. yo! card: Virtual business card - [website]

  10. Keyfind: A custom keyboard to connect with locals - [website]

  11. Happy Heart: Mental Illness trigger tracker - [website]

  12. Tag Buddy: Image Analysis and Tagging with Artificial Intelligence - [website]

  13. Sugar Trails: Visualize and Ordering system for diabetics - [website]